15 Dec

Finally, I did a Video Clip Introduction for my company. This video is required to finish in only 1 month, from the beginning of brainstorming to have a clear objective and story board, and end it with the final version. Especially, in this project, I had opportunity to work with my close friends. Thanh, Nguyễn, Mai & Ken helped me unconditionally. Moreover, they were willing act on their authority and position and look like professional talents.

Honestly, the weather were very bad on the day we shot some short videos at my office. It was storming all day long here. Overcome difficulties, we actually worked hardly. Even my hopes and expectations have been more than fulfilled.



Unfortunately, the first draft and the next one were estimated with many negative opinions. I know I can not satisfy everyone. Each person has their own smell. However, that will be my valuable experience. I can put it into my resume and portfolio.

In the end, the final result I get is a big hand from my co-workers when the chairwoman says thanks to me.

There are 2 lessions I learned from this project:

– Focus on your job and work meets your boss expectations. He/she pays your salary, so just work well in his/her eyes and no need to spend time too much to argue with the others. Hitler said: “If you win, you need not have to explain…If you lose, you should not be there to explain” – “Thành công không cần lời lý giải, thất bại không cần sự biện minh”

– I felt I’m getting more mature, more patient and good at control my temper.

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